Pasadena Area Community College District Board Member Sandra Chen Lau announced Monday that she has been elected to a two-year term on the Los Angeles County School Trustees Association serving in the capacity as a Board Director.

The members of LACSTA voted to elect Chen Lau to serve a two-year term as its Board Director from 2021-2023 after Pasadena City College Trustees forwarded Chen Lau’s nomination following their unanimous vote, she said in a statement,

“As a working parent, the pandemic has challenged me to think differently regarding the delivery of quality education for working families. There is too much at stake for our children as schools continue to grapple with the impact of Covid 19 on academic learning and education opportunities,” Chen Lau said. “I look forward to serving on the board of the LACTSA so collectively, we can explore, shape, and advocate for education policies that will reflect the values of our communities.”

LACTSA is an organization of school board members created in 1937 by the County Superintendent of Schools. About 90 percent of the 93 school and community college districts in Los Angeles County, as well as the County Board of Education, are members of LACSTA. LACSTA cooperates with the California School Boards Association and other organizations for the betterment of education.